MSR launches new CATI centre


MSR, will from 2013 operate a Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) centre from its new offices at 112 Haatso-Atomic Road, Accra. The Centre will be running on a customised CATI software developed by technology partner, IndigensAfrique Ltd.

According to the Executive Director of MSR, Mr. Isaac Gwumah, the CATI centre forms a focal part of MSR’s overall strategy of cutting down on lead times in data collection and processing on quantitative research assignments. Mr. Gwumah, who led the development and deployment of Telemarketing and Telephone Research Units for a major player in the telecommunications sector, has suggested that telephone research has the potential of slashing lead times on surveys by 60% while delivering cost-savings of around 55%.

MSR is currently undertaking a study on the methodological issues involved in telephone research such as sampling bias, non-response rates, interviewer bias and respondents’ bias vis-a-vis other contact methods. Findings from the study will be released in April 2013.

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