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We derive the foresight in hindsight


derive the foresight in hindsight


We are a boutique research and consulting firm recognised across Ghana as a leader in consumer behaviour and market intelligence.

Since our inception we have helped businesses and institutions navigate the choppy waters of commerce and social development in Ghana by providing them with cutting-edge social and market research solutions. We have worked on hundreds of projects for startups, large multinational corporations across many sectors and some of Ghana’s development partners. We have a strong grasp of the complex chains of knowledge and skills required for collecting evidence for decision-making, analyzing the evidence, harnessing insights and crafting strategy for action. 

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Some of Our Clients

“MSR is among a few research agencies in Ghana who deliver quality along the whole chain of the research process: research design, execution and the delivery of actionable insights. MSR is highly recommended.”

Sebastian Agato,
Research & Reporting Manager,
MTN Ghana

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